7 Easy Tips To Stay Healthy

Care in little things makes big difference. Follow these easy tips for better health, and see the difference it can make to your life! Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

1. Drink lots of water

Make it a point to drink 10-20 glasses of water a day. Carry a water bottle or place a water bottle in your work desk so that involuntarily it makes to you to drink time and again.

2. Walk atleast 20 minutes a day

A strenuos treadmill workout is often not necessary. Just get down a stop ahead of your actual bus stop and walk. Avoid using lifts for 3-4 floors in your workplaces.

3. Eat just what you need

Need not be very diet conscious and picky all the time. Eat what you like in the right amount. Never fill your tummy to the brim.Choose vegetarian food over the non veg. Include more fibre rich food and vegetables. Just try and shift your priorities from puris to chapathis(rotis). Lessen the oil and fat content in your food. Thump rule here is NEVER SKIP your meals.

4. Stay alone for atleast 20 minutes a day

Just be yourself, close your eyes, sit back and relax. This rejuvenates the inner mind. Don’t indulge or think of work life tensions, family, friends etc during this 20 minutes. If you know meditation therapies or yoga, then it is  well and good.

5. Maintain consistency

Have a regular time to wake up and go to bed. Have some order in your life. Plan your day as you get up. Prioritize your responsibilities, work and interest. Divide your time accordinly. This releives tension and pressure in your life.

6. Make yourself feel new

Do something new each day. Have a change. Travel to a new place, meet new people. Change your dressing. Have a hair cut. This brings newness in you. Gives a fresh feel. Try out all your fancies however childish it may sound.

7. Have a sound sleep

This is the time your brain rests. Length of sleep varies from person to person. If you get up and feel fresh the whole day means you had your optimum amount of sleep. Even a small nap can make your feel fresh but not a long 10 hour sleep.

Article By : Divya