Restoring a dropped Table in Oracle – The Recyclebin

Can we restore the data of a dropped table in Oracle , even if we don’t have a valid backup?

If your Oracle database version is 10g or above , then the answer is definitely “YES”.

This became possible with the introduction of a new feature in Oracle 10g – RECYCLEBIN. The basic technology behind this advancement is FLASHBACK TABLE which works by utilizing the  RECYCLEBIN.
Lets see what the ‘recyclebin’ is and how does it works.

Recyclebin is a virtual place where oracle stores all the dropped objects. It works similar to the Recyclebin in Windows. This feature is by default enabled and can be turn on /off by using the initialization parameter RECYCLEBIN.

So, no need to get panic even if you have dropped a table by mistake from your Oracle 10g database, data is safe in the RECYCLEBIN.

Research and Article Contribution by : Anju