What is twitter?

What is twitter about? How do I twitter?
Followers on twitter? tweets…?

It can be a little confusion for the beginners.
But Twitter is just another social networking platform, in the form of micro-blogging.
The microblogs or posts are known as ‘tweets’ and these tweets form the central theme of twitter.

Users can easily sign up, choose their user-name and start ‘tweeting’.
Its an excellent tool to post your live updates, your likes and dislikes, all within each post size of 140 words.

You can read the tweets of a lot of celebrities in twitter,  if you decide to ‘follow’ them.
The ‘followers concept’ is special ,  as it helps you to get the complete blog updates(tweets) of any person(any celebrity), you are following.

If you have not started your  tweets yet, its worth a try at:http://twitter.com/