How to Facebook?

Facebook, popularly known as FB has penetrated  almost half of the Internet users across the world and is still growing.Even by early 2009, FB ranked equal to the 4rth largest country in terms of population.

But many users who seems addicted to FB are not aware about the right usage of this wonder child.

Many are unaware of its potential and  hidden risks (mostly in term of privacy threat and spams).

With lot many features and apps coming up each day, it is not easy to keep track with fb.

The best practice to adopt is to keep an open-mind towards technology but keep a check on your privacy.

And there are applications like twitter which can integrate your fb and twitter accounts.

For all gmail users:You can login to fb with your gmail id itself and can import all your contacts to fb.

And are you confused what the ‘fb like button ‘is ?Do you know what will happen if you click on the fb like button?

The ‘fb like’ you see in most websites, is an easy way to share that article to your fb wall/newsfeed.

The ‘fb like’ you see in the facebook page of a company is easiest way to subscribe the facebook page of  that  company and get its subcriptions or updates in your fb wall/newsfeed.

Please dont confuse between two options.

All the best with fb!

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