How To Install Oracle 10g Database Software on Windows

Oracle Database – What is a database?

Database, in one of the simplest definitions can be said to be a huge collection of related data like numbers, characters etc. Normally, data will be stored in structures like tables which forms a part of the database.
For creating and managing databases there are many software products in the market. Oracle is one among the top players.

Latest Oracle Database Software

Latest among Oracle Database products include Oracle 10g and Oracle 11g. (Here the ‘g’ stands for grid technology.)

How to install Oracle 10g?

Oracle can be downloaded from Oracle website (Sample version for people like you and me), provided we agree to the OTN license. Extract the .zip file and run the set up.

Installing Oracle 10g in Windows Vista:

Oracle versions combatable for Vista are now available. Though Windows Vista Home Basic or Premium versions are not in the certified OS list of Oracle, it is possible to install and run Oracle (At least some basic functionalities are supported.). But we need to configure Microsoft Loop Back Adaptor to run the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) without errors.

The process is as below :

Control Panel–>Add Hardware–>Network Adaptors–>Microsoft–>Loop Back Adaptor.
We also need to configure the IP address properly.
The same step may be used to Install Oracle 11g on Windows Vista also.
Then, run OUI, follow the steps, configure Oracle software.

How To Create Oracle Database:

DBCA is the configuration assistant available with Oracle, which helps to create databases with much ease(GUI).